MNP Malaysia-launched Nationwide in October

MNP Malaysia-launched Nationwide in October

Mobile number portability allows the user to keep the same mobile number while giving them the freedom to choose the service provider. Therefore for example, if you have a Hutch connection and are not very happy with the service but you fear that the change of the service provider will result in the change of mobile number and hence don’t change your service provider.

Mobile number portability (MNP) is the ability to keep one? wireless (cell phone) number when changing wireless service providers (WSPs). While fixed-line telephone number portability is compulsory for major providers of basic telephone service in many countries, mobile number portability is not, despite the ever-increasing population who use this technology.

Call rates will be affected as you won't be able to identify which Network you're calling by looking at the number. Calls to ported numbers are completed when a customer who calls a ported number sends the dialed number to a provider's SSP (Service Switch Point), where it is identified either as a local call or not.

Operators also face several challenges while operating MNP. The interconnect settlement is a significant part of the day-to-day operations of an operator. Operators might even be forced to introduce a series of incentives/schemes to tie-down their customers. Which means additional costs for them, nevertheless well for customers.
MNP allows mobile subscribers to switch networks without changing their phone numbers. In GSM, the subscriber obtains a new SIM with a new IMSI but the SIM contains the old MSISDN (i.e. MNP takes away the inconvenience associated with switching service providers. Consumers will no longer need to worry about losing their contacts when changing service providers. MNP will be introduced in Malaysia on October


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